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Spidercord Sanctband Active

Spidercord - Sanctband Active (Amber Light)

Sanctband Active SpiderCord, features a unique 4 loop design with handles. This creates resistance from 8 lengths of tubing. The 4 loops naturally allow for easy anchoring between both hands and feet, making it especially ideal for compound movements involving both upper and lower body. The highly versatile joined X – Shape resistive tubing is able to provide dynamic resistance and variety of challenges to improve balance, stability and core strength.

Rs.870 Rs.1250

Quick Overview

Product Features:
√ 1 Resistive Tubing with Four Loops
√ Instructional Manual

Benefits of using SpiderCord:
√ Body Tone and Firmness
√ Muscle Strengthening
√ Increase Flexibility
√ Improve Stability and Good Posture

Materials: Natural Latex