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Seni Soft Bed Underpads



Seni Soft Bed Underpads are very important part of care of people with urological problems. It is recommended as and additional, perfect bed protection.


Absorbent layer in Seni Soft is made of cellulose pulp. The top layer of the Underpads is made of soft, skin-friendly non-woven, which ensures comfort. The underside of Underpads is secured with anti-skid and waterproof layer, which prevents the Underpads from moving on sheet and doesn't allow any liquids to get out of the Underpads.


Seni Bed Underpads sizes:


Size: 90x60cm size
Rs.308 Rs.560

Quick Overview

Seni Bed underpads means

Hygienic bed underpads are designed to be used as an additional protection which helps to keep the bed and bedding clean.


  • absorbent core made of cellulose pulp
  • soft non-woven surface - comfort of use
  • outer layer made of impermeable anti-slip foil - prevents from leakage and keeps the underpad in place
  • additional bed and bedding protection against wetness
  • perfect to use for diaper changing

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