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Re-freezable Ortho Support Cool Eyes - Activecool

Provides cool therapy to relax eyes from strain caused due to prolonged exposure to reading, computer screen, television, driving, etc

Rs.161 Rs.190

Quick Overview


Vissco Refreezable Cool Eyes provides relief from strain caused to eyes. Its cooling effect calms down irritation in your eyes and helps you relax.

Benefits of use:
  • Provides relief from watering of eyes.
  • Reduces redness of eyes.
  • Relieves burning of eyes.
  • Works against headaches.
  • Calms down light eye injuries.
  • Can act against sunstroke.
  • Cool eyes is technically designed so that the gel pouch fits snugly into the eye cavity to provide the necessary relief
  • Comes with Velcro strap
  • No messy ice or water spilling
  • Can be reused any number of times

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