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Micro-Tone Stethoscope

Microtone Stethoscope MSI


The Standard of Industry and hot favourite of the medical professionals.Unmatched quality special tubing with extra space at it's join to provide you better auscultation.Special Aluminium Chest Piece with sleek design & imported diaphragm for outstanding acoustics.Clandestine frame tubing.Highly recommended all over India for its superb performance. Our Improvised version which has become the choice of Millions!

1. Deluxe stainless steel head, for adults.

2. Stainless steel binaural with thick tubing assembly

3. Soft ear tips assure maximum comfort and excellent acoustical seal

4. Stainless steel binaural with thick tubing assembly

5. The conducting tube features an embedded elastic sheet with high durability.

6. Resistance to high and low temperature, minimal susceptibility to deforming and ageing, and high fidelity.

7. The earphone can perfectly fit the auricle with no sound leakage and feels good in long time use.

Rs.850 Rs.1250

Quick Overview



  • Light in weight

  • Smooth texture

  • Provides high quality hearing