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K Tape Kumbrink 50cmx5m

Material: cotton / acrylic
Size: 5m x 5cm ~ 16.4ft x 1.96in

Rs.897 Rs.1200
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Quick Overview

Elastic K-Tape® for the K-Taping® therapy. High-quality cotton tape with a wave-like acrylic coating. Skin-friendly, water-resistant, sweat-permeable and breathable. Used and recommended by the K-Taping® Academy.

K-Tape® is equipped with the professional PHYSIOBOND® adhesive.
PHYSIOBOND® is a registered trademark in Europe and the USA and is used exclusively for K-Tape®.

Do not use in wounds or skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis). For patients with sensitive skin, you should test the compatibility with a tape.

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