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Hicks sterile Gauze Swab(5cm x 5cm)

Hicks Steri-Swab Sterile Gauze Swab is highly absorbent cotton gauze swab that when soaked in fluid becomes an ideal item to clean and prepare wounds for dressing. Cotton gauze has a balanced combination of softness, abrasive texture and absorbency for effectively cleaning wounds. Gauze is used for minimizing infection risk when dressing clean wounds. It is designed for general wound treatment, especially suitable in primary treatment of dirty, infected and highly exudative wounds. The purpose of the special design is to reduce fiber or tear when open.

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Quick Overview

Hicks Steri-Swab Sterile Gauze Swab B.P Features:

  • Absorbent Gauge-BP
  • Folded & Stitched
  • With X-ray Opaque Thread
  • High absorbency, super softness and patient comfort.
  • Clean, fiber-free opening of packs ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.
  • The easy-open envelope is carefully sealed to prevent contamination and help gauze swabs aseptic presentation prior to use
  • Single use only
  • Size 5cm x5cm