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Glucolab Glucometer Infopia

he GlucoLab™ Auto-coding Monitor provides results in 5 seconds using only 1µL of blood. Not just a monitoring device, the GlucoLab™ Auto-coding meter is designed to be used as a disease management tool. 
With unique features such as Activity & Meal Recognition, 5 Daily Alarms and the ability to Set Your Own Averages, GlucoLab™ Auto Coding stands out among its competitors. 

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Quick Overview

Features & Benefits:
  • Accuracy (ISO 15197:2013 Compliance)
    Compliant to all three components of the recently published ISO 15197:2013 standards for accuracy with detailed clinical data available.
  • Auto-coding
    Eliminate the need to calibrate your strips with the monitor. Auto Coding avoids the danger of false results caused by coding errors.
  • Downloadable Management Software
    Create a history of your glucose readings by simply downloading your data from the meter (with the optional data transfer cable); you will be able to generate custom reports. These reports may help you to identify trends which you can use to manage your condition. The software is available to be downloaded free of charge from this website.
  • Five Daily Alarms
    The GlucoLab™ Auto-coding meter allows you to set up to 5 customizable daily alarms. You can use these alarms as friendly reminders throughout the day to perform your glucose test, as a reminder to take your medication or even to eat your diabetic snacks.
  • Activity Meal Recognition
    Glucose readings can vary based on what activity is associated with each test. In order to help you manage your diabetes more efficiently, a recognition feature is included to remind you what activity was related to every test you take.
  • Temperature Reading
    The GlucoLab™ Auto-coding meter constantly measures the ambient temperature to ensure that your results will be correct. If the meter recognizes that the test is being performed in an environment where the temperature is outside of the approved parameters, the meter will display an error.
  • Set Your Own Averages
    Get the results YOU want to see. The GlucoLab™ Auto-coding meter allows you to have results based on averages you want to see. Set up to three unique averages for your review. You can also change your designated averages through the setup mode anytime.
  • Control Solution Test Exclusion
    The GlucoLab™ Auto-coding meter allows you to identify when you are performing a control solution test. The meter will then isolate that test so it will not be calculated in your averages, ensuring that your results will be accurate.
  • 500 Test Memory
    The GlucoLab™ auto-coding meter is capable of storing 500 test results. This feature will allow you to review your readings in your own time as well as manipulate your averages for unique results.
  • Features unique to you
    In order to offer solutions for everyone, the setup mode is designed to be able activate or disable every feature, making each meter as unique as the customer.