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Comfo - Care Air Bed

About Scure Anti- Decubitus Air Pump & Bubble Mattress for Bed Sores

There is an alternating pressure relief bubble pad system with pump in this mattress. It is a very unique bed sores therapy system. The bubble pad style gives user more benefit than any other regular linear style pad. The bubble design allows more touch points on your back, offering a superior therapy system. It is very easy to operate and adjust. There is a pressure adjustable control knob to alter the system. You can adjust the hangers of pump to suit any kind of hospital bed frames. Benefits The mattress uses medical grade non-toxic bubble pad with a unique design. The air pump operation is completely maintenance free.

Rs.3393 Rs.6000

Quick Overview

  • Outer Material: PVC ; Colour: Brown
  • Included Components: Bed, Air pump, Puncture kit
  • Usage: Mattress pads has micro holes which can via air loss, allow air to pass through and ventilate the patient's back
  • Safety Instructions: Do Not leave connected to electrical supply when not in use
  • Warranty: Seller, 1, Years, Warranty does not applicable for breakages