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Activecool Open Re-Freezable Cold Pack H1035

Activecool Open re-freezable Cold Pack has been thoughtfully designed to meet your performance requirements which are desired from a healing product. This pad can be re-used a number of times after being cooled in the refrigerator.

Features and Benefits

Reduce pain, swelling and enhances healing, Will improve recovery time, Drives cold deep, prevents cold shock as the temperature remains controlled due to the outer cover fabric, keeps the wetness out, No messy ice or water spilling, Remains flexible even

Rs.290 Rs.295

Quick Overview

The cold therapy is used to reduce inflammation and swelling skin temperature.
It also helps relieving pain by the numbing injured tissues and joints and reduce muscle spasms.
It is important to apply cold therapy to an injured area as soon as possible to keep the surrounding swelling to the minimum.
For the first time patients can wear and used these cold therapy supports and their normal activities instead of being confined indoor during the treatment time.
These supports can be Re-freezedto continue the usage and treatment effectively.
These rehabilitation products are design to fit various parts of the body to support and work to reduce pain, improve performance, with the deep penetrating cold compression coverage.
These cold therapy supports are used by patients to minimize swellings, sprains, pain, effective treatment to rheumatic and arthritic conditions.
This therapy when applied on the affected part of the body provides necessary orthopedic relief from pain.
The stretchable outer cover fabric passed on the entire cold temperature but would not transfer the wetness on the skin.
Supports and rehabilitates the affected part of the body.

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