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FreeStyle Optium H


Abbott Freestyle Optium H 100strips Optium Glucose Meters is a comprehensive kit that can help check the level of Glucose in the blood in the least possible time. This is an amazing product that is manufactured by Abbott which is a great brand to have as it is reliable and durable.

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Quick Overview

Design and Comfort

Abbott Freestyle Optium H 100strips Optium Glucose Meters is easy to use and very simple to maintain. Full detailed instructions are included with the meter which you should read through before using the meter. The meter will turn on automatically. Use the lancet and lancing device to obtain a blood drop. You only need 0.9L of blood: Touch and hold the drop of blood to the edge of the strip until the yellow window is completely filled with blood. The blood will automatically be drawn into the strip. The results will then be displayed in just 5 seconds.


Test method : Glucose Oxidase biosensor Test result range : 10 600 mg/dL (0.6 33.3 mmol/L) Test time required : 5 sec. Blood amount required : 0.9? Blood reference type : Plasma reference Measuring unit : mg/dL, mmol/L Memory capacity : 500 times test results able to save Function : 7 / 14 / 30-day averages Before & After Meal option Hypoglycemia warning alarm system Battery 3V Battery (CR2032)