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Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for the trade of goods through this website.

The provisions of Sale of Goods Act,1932 will apply virtually in the unstated areas of this agreement.

This website is under the holding of the Medispot healthcare sevices. Where ever we/website is mentioned it is Kencare healthcare services.

The Cavet Temptor rule will have full fledged hold upon the trade.

The products may vary with the appearence and description. But we promise you that in case of any such we will accept the returns based on returns policy.

The Gurantees and Warrenties are subjected to the Manufacturer of that product.But we guide you for the redressal.

On the goods put into transmission it is deemed that goods have been delivered and website willnot hold any liability for the loss of the package.

All the disputes are subjected to the Kadapa Dist. Court only.

The changes in regard to the description can be made without prior notice.

The products are to be delivered based on the availability in the market. We arenot responsible for the non availability of the products.

But we promise you that the dispach of goods for transmission will be taken within 1-4 business days unless there is any exisitence of any unavoidable circumstances.