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About US


Firstly you are welcome to, This is the first  online retailer for well known brands  in Healthcare Products  in Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh with unmatched service and execellent quality products. a online platform for the sale of the medical usables which can be sold without any prescription. This is a holding of Kencare Healthcare Services. This was started by persons who have a great knowledge in the division of health care services and have been doing offline business for 25 years. With that knowledge we want to provide our extended services through our portal. We are very much dedicated to provide the best and innovative products available in the nation. When we see the market situation in the country side many people are unable to access the health care equipment that useable perfectly to their needs
With a vision to cater the basic healthcare equipment to all part of the country this start-up has taken birth. We also bound to encourage the innovative products to the mankind. The day we entered this area the industry was very primitive in nature. With observing the changes in the industry since the 90’s we are very experienced with the product, taste and comfort of the customer. The products which we sell are tested before the starting the transmission of the order, We care your needs well before you use.

We convey the best products available in the region to the customer at fingertips . Now, India can take a deep breathe for the presence of the surgical and ortho store online which is very much difficult for the local sellers as well as the hospitals to keep a stock of the patients who in a need of the odd sizes and meeting the everyone requirements .

We belive in our motto " A Sense of Higher Purpose", which means having a sense which is bigger than us.
At last we want to tell the customers that the idea of setting of such a business was totally dedicated to the management of the ARL Surgicals which the team has formed for further to seek the development in the market of the goods in medical care.